DQS Nigeria | Supplier Audit


With our supplier audits, you can evaluate your suppliers and focus on their improvement, if applicable. Supplier audits create uniform corporate guidelines and transparency along the entire chain of supply, all the way to the previous supplier. This serves to stabilize your own manufacturing process, and improves your organization's competitive situation sustainably. Our big advantage for you: every one of our auditors is perfectly knowledgeable in the local culture and language. With us, you receive detailed and sophisticated insight into local markets, in order to achieve the best possible evaluation of your suppliers - and will be able to encourage and challenge them as much as local conditions permit. Furthermore, you benefit from our auditor's comprehensive hands-on experience in all business sectors. We will always assign auditors to you that have specific, technical knowledge of your business sector, as well as your products or services.


DQS Supplier audits will help Customers align its supply chain with industry values while also demonstrating their commitment to achieving supply chain that meets the public and stakeholder's expectations . Multi Stakeholders expect the entire system to have a workplace that meets or exceeds the requirements of local law. These stakeholders include, but not limited to:


  • Direct Customer
  • Customer through customer
  • Shareholders
  • Non-governmental Organisation
  • Student activist
  • Government