DQS Nigeria

Founded to carry out the activities of DQS in Nigeria, and to serve the West Africa region with a client base, ranging from small enterprises, large blue chip companies, multinational organizations and government parastatals.

Currently, DQS Nigeria employs highly qualified auditors to maintain and deliver the high quality value added, Assessment, Audit and Certifications services that the DQS Group is known for worldwide.

Independence and Objectivity

The executive management of DQS Nigeria is very conscious of the importance of impartiality in carrying out our assessment and certification activities, Potential conflict of interest is managed through ISO 17021 and the accreditation process in order to assure the objectivity of all certification activities.

Corporate policies and guildelines of the DQS have been established and implemented accordingly.

What standards do?

  • Make the development, manufacturing and Supply of products and services more efficient, safer and clearer
  • Facilitate trade between countries and make it Fairer
  • Provide governments with a technical base for Health, Safety and Environmental legislation, and Conformity assessment
  • Share technological advances and good Management practice
  • Disseminate innovation
  • Safeguard consumers, and users in general, of products and services
  • Make life simpler by providing solutions to common problems